Bercode – the barcode for extra benefits

Bercode is a world-first, a unique barcode - providing discounted shopping opportunities - that can be placed on any data carrier physically or virtually and can be displayed within our free application:

FREEmium platform

The free bercodes:

Basic and Light bercodes are completely free to use, but they offer fewer locations and lower discounts for their owners.

The two uses of premium bercodes:

1. If companies/organisations want to give bercode cards as gifts to their customers/employees/members: If a community wants its members to receive higher discounts at multiple acceptance points, they can purchase Classic, Extra or Business bercodes for their customer/member cards. The price of these can be found here.

2. If artists, athletes, influencers want to earn revenue by selling merchandise with bercodes: If a star or a foundation also offers merchandise with premium bercodes in its webshop to its fans or supporters, the maximum rate of 12-24% will remain on the platform - for a validity of 1 year (Basic: 0%, Light: 0%, Classic: 24%, Extra: 18%, Business: 12%). The specific fees can be found here, under II.1.

The win-win-win cycle of the
Bercode platform

Acceptance points

By clicking on the map, you can immediately see where you can get discounts or other benefits by showing your bercode.

If you are a retailer, restaurateur, or local service provider, you can also be listed on this map, which will attract many bercode holders.

active bercodes