If you wish to provide additional benefits for your clients or employees that increase their satisfaction while incurring minimal costs for your company, then a customer or employee card equipped with a bercode represents the perfect solution.

In today's highly competitive marketplace, there is an increasing focus on retaining and recruiting customers and strengthening employee loyalty.

One proven tool for this is the customer or employee loyalty card, which has been issued by thousands of companies in recent years. While branded cards are entirely about the issuer, they do not offer a wider benefit to cardholders and, as they are not used on a daily basis, often end up in the bottom of the drawer. They cannot effectively compete with multi-function cards (ID, driver's license, debit cards, etc.) for getting into or staying in the wallet.

However, once such a program is launched, it soon becomes clear that the problem is the lack of human resources, or inadequate expertise and the fact that a few (tens of) thousand cardholders do not represent a large enough potential customer base for merchants, especially network merchants.

The solution lies in placing bercodes, offering discounted purchasing opportunities, primarily on digitally issued cards. While maintaining its core function, this enables the card to provide discounts nationally at thousands of retailers and service providers, potentially offering annual savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars to their members.

Direct return: the companies/organizations issuing bercoded cards receive acquisition commissions for the use of the card at the premium acceptance points, so the direct revenue can exceed (even multiple times) the amount invested in the card project if thousands of cards are issued. Card issuers' managers can also view their current financial balance and the previous day's turnover in an automatically generated daily report at 8 am.

The Bercode Platform offers its Issuing Partners a web-based administration system accessible by multiple leading and administrative personnel at different authorization levels for ordering their cards, tracking the production/logistics process of plastic-based cards, as well as detailed insights into the discounts achieved with their bercodes and the generated commissions.

The price of bercodes granting discounts per card - depending on the number issued and validity period - is only a few hundred (or even just tens of) dollars annually, but these fees can be further reduced with multi-year settlements. Additionally, the cost only incurs in card production for plastic cards if virtual card production and distribution are not feasible.

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