Business card

Bercode Platform introduces its virtual business card!

It can be used as a standalone business card or as a QR code that can be placed on any community membership card. Store your business card in an online application, show your partners the QR code, and they can instantly save the information you provided to their phones by scanning it!

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After a quick registration and login to the platform, you can create your unique business card in the designer and fill in the details on your Bizcard page, which the QR code will reference.

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In the future, you won't need to dictate your phone number or email address to anyone, and you won't have to pay for a plastic card with an NFC chip, as required by other companies. Our virtual service is fast, environmentally friendly, and completely free!

We only produce the designed business card as plastic if you specifically request it. In this case, you only need to cover the cost of production and shipping; the background service remains free.