For investors

Here you can find out how buying a discount card - for as little as $70 - can make your gift share worth up to $300 - $500 in a few years.

If you are not a user yet, watch this short video to learn more about the Bercode platform:



If you are considering becoming a shareholder in our Hungarian start up company - now based in the US -  watch the following video from one of our existing shareholders:



Interview with the founder of Benefit Barcode, Inc.:



Table of contents of the video above - with links to:

If, after reviewing and studying the above, you would like to become a shareholder of the company, please consider the following for your final decision:

  1. Hungarian law does not allow the direct sale of shares to Hungarian citizens. Non-Hungarian citizens and those thinking of investing at least $10,000 can request an individual offer (with a minimum amount) by contacting us.
  2. Those who join the ownership circle - for the above reasons - will not legally become investors in the company. Instead, they will purchase discount cards, and the founder will offer them his shares as a gift (which they have the option to refuse). Also, US regulations of private limited companies are different from that of other countries, the most important information can be found on this page.
  3. After purchasing a bercode card, the platform will email you a link, where you may accept or reject the gift shares offered by the founder. Important: even if gift shares are rejected, purchase of bercode cards is non-refundable. Bercode cards will continue to provide discounts until the card’s expiration date.
  4. The name given when purchasing the card, the name that will be displayed on the card, the photo that may be uploaded to the back of the card, plus the service level and expiration date of the card, are not linked to the ownership of the shares. The shares are given to the buyer, who may transfer them to anyone at any time, while retaining the card. (Purchased cards are also transferable, so it is practical to add the name of the future owner to the card when buying as a gift.)

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

If you would like to purchase a card, click here: