For investors

SK: Ak Váš prehliadač Vás nasmeroval na anglickú verziu stránky, prosím, prepnite dole vpravo na SK jazyk a dostanete sa k slovenskej verzii stránky.

HU: Amennyiben Ön magyar(ul értő), úgy az alapító platform-bemutató videójának a megtekintéséhez a platform angol nyelvét állítsa át magyarra (jobb alul).


You can learn about the platform by watching this 2-minute animation, also available on the main page:

You can see the application demonstration during IT conference in Budapest - available also with English subtitles:

The platform was set up, thanks to more than two hundred small investors, who have gained shares from the founder over the past three years.

The management of Benefit Barcode, Inc. will commence negotiations with those Venture Capital funds, who had already shown interest in the second round. The use of those fresh capital will serve as a source of increasing international market presence of the Bercode platform and its services in more and more languages.

 You can also request the complete business plan at the contact details, or you can view its shorter summary (pitch deck) or even the 1-page version (onepager).